High5 Plant Based Chocolate Recovery Drink 1.6kg

High5 Plant Based Chocolate Recovery Drink 1.6kg

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How long does it take you to recover from your training sessions and events? When you exercise, your muscles become sore and stiff and the depletion of muscle glycogen (energy stored in your muscles) can impair muscle function. This results in fatigue and reduced exercise performance. HIGH5 can help! When you rest, your muscles start to rebuild. HIGH5 Plant-Based Recovery Drink kickstarts this process so you can get back to doing what you love again, quicker.

For a full recovery, it’s important to replenish the right combination of macro and micro nutrients immediately after exercise. Plant-Based Recovery Drink is a scientifically formulated as well as great-tasting, complete recovery product. Made using a blend of three high-quality protein sources, it contains 20g of protein to help maintain and grow muscles and 20g of carbs to help muscles recover after exercise. It replenishes the key electrolytes lost through sweat with each easy to mix bottle of Plant-Based Recovery Drink containing 240mg sodium, 90mg Potassium, 57mg Magnesium, 82mg Chloride and 120mg Calcium.

Whilst being kind on the stomach, Plant-Based Recovery Drink also contains digestive enzymes, Vitamin C to support the immune system as well as zinc, iron, vitamin D and essential B vitamins. 

Plant-Based Recovery Drink has been designed to be the convenient, tasty way to repair and replenish your muscles straight after a workout so you can go all over again.

  • All the ingredients for a full recovery
  • Repairs, rebuilds, refuels and rehydrates
  • 20g protein to help maintain and grow muscles
  • Fast-release carbs to help muscles recovery after exercise
  • Key electrolytes to aid rehydration
  • Digestive Enzymes Complex
  • Kind on the stomach
  • Supports the immune system
  • Smooth & tasty – no lumps!
  • Mixes quickly and easily with water or milk. No shaker needed.
  • Suitable for vegans
  • 32 servings per 1.6kg tub

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