Ere Tenaci TLR Gravel Tire
Ere Tenaci TLR Gravel Tire
Ere Tenaci TLR Gravel Tire
Ere Tenaci TLR Gravel Tire
Ere Tenaci TLR Gravel Tire

Ere Tenaci TLR Gravel Tire

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With our online store only opened since the 17th October 2022 we want to make sure that we can offer the best possible customer service, for the first 3 months from the launch we have limited the delivery of bikes to only surrounding counties, with parts and accessories shipped throughout the Republic of Ireland.

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We will be shipping bikes throughout the Republic of Ireland from 1st March 2023.

With parts and accessories worldwide by 1st March 2023.


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Tenaci TLR 120tpi Tubeless-Ready Tire
It's all about gravel these days. We understand why. It is so much fun. Ere Research was right at the forefront of the gravel wave a couple of years ago when we launched our first generation Tenaci. Please meet our new Tenaci TLR. Now available in 2 colors and 3 different tyre widths.
The new Tenaci is available as a tubeless ready tyre. This offers you the versatility to ride the tyre with an inner tube, or choose the tubeless option. Tired of having flats? Give the Tenaci tubeless tyres a try. 
Ere TLR tyres always have to be setup with sealant and we do not recommend using Ere TLR tyres without proper sealant.
Gravel racing and dirt road riding require an aggressive tyre capable of rolling through rough conditions and gripping where normal road tyres stop. The Tenaci tubeless-ready tyre has a fast-rolling tread pattern that provides traction on varied unfinished surfaces and features bead to bead Armis 2 at protection to fend off debris and sidewall cuts in the search for adventure miles. 
The open tread pattern of the Tenaci tyre offers maximum traction and at the same time allows for great mud-shedding capabilities. This prevents your tyres from filling up in muddy conditions to ensure a safe ride. Keep control of your lines!

For our tires we use 4 different levels of protection. For the Tenaci TLR we use our Armis 2 puncture protection. This shields the tire from sharp objects and road debris.  

The Tenaci TLR is a Tubeless-Ready tire and will fit on all Tubeless-Ready compatible rims. 

The Ere Tenaci TLR is made with a Rubber casing. This casing is the carcass of the tire and has an important influence on the riding characteristics of the tire. The Tenaci TLR tire comes equipped with a 120 TPI casing. Offering maximum protection and ensuring a low rolling resistance. 

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