Smart Assist

6 Sensor Technology

Smart Assist lets you forget about changing settings while riding, so you can focus on enjoying the ride. It’s similar to an auto transmission in a car, providing the appropriate support automatically. This intelligent system uses sensors and advanced algorithms to determine the optimum amount of power a cyclist needs. The result is an extremely smooth, natural, and enjoyable riding experience.

This technology also maximizes efficiency by not using unnecessary energy. And since it provides optimal pedaling support, it also ensures rider efficiency. In short, Smart Assist enables you to think less and ride more.

Intelligent Support

The combination of Smart Assist technology and the instantaneous response of the SyncDrive motor creates a smooth and powerful riding experience.

Natural Feeling

The smart sensor measures the amount of power being applied to the pedals so the motor can replicate the natural riding style, adding assistance when needed.


Smart Assist technology maximizes energy efficiency for both the rider and the battery system.

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